Sunday, April 6, 2008

How Does A Blog Make Income?

Many people have asked how money is made with a blog, so I thought I'd address the question in a post:

Blogs make money though advertising. All the little ads that say "Powered by Google" are run by Google AdSense. They put the ads up automatically based on my content. You get paid a little bit each time someone clicks on an ad and waits long enough for it to load. Usually it's anywhere from a dollar to .50, but it adds up. I've been blogging seriously since January and my AdSense account is about to hit $40. That's pretty good for doing nothing but blogging, which I would be doing anyway. You get paid when your earnings reach $100 or more.

Another common ad program is There you only get paid if someone clicks through one of your amazon links and make a purchase. It doesn't matter if they actually purchase what was on the link. Any purchase qualifies.

That's the basic two ways to make income blogging. It's not a fortune, but it adds up quick. If Penny Pinscher had a hundred readers that regularly clicked on the ads I'd be debt free in no time. That's not a hint or anything ;)

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