Sunday, April 20, 2008

Get Free Cox Cable

If you know anyone who signed up with Cox cable in the last 30 days you can BOTH get a free month of service through their Share the Happiness Program. This is good info to remember when you get new neighbors. Both of you benefit! Here's the info straight from Cox:

Thank you for referring your friend through the Cox Share the Happiness program. Once your friend's Cox Digital Cable, Cox High Speed Internet service has been installed, you should receive credit for a FREE month of digital cable service for Cox Digital Cable, Free Preferred or Premier Service for one month for Cox High Speed Internet within 30-60 days from the date Cox received the Share the Happiness coupon.

As a reminder, please note the rules require that the coupon be submitted to Cox within thirty (30) days of the install date for you to receive credit. If you have other friends you wish to refer for additional benefits, please return to

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